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Additive/3D Manufacturing

Reaffirming Sodicks’ commitment to "Creating What We Cannot Find in the World," Sodick is providing the latest all-in-one solutions by drawing on proprietary elemental technologies for all production processes

The Sodick’s OPM Series of precision metal 3D printers enables manufacturing of molds (OPM molds) with built-in three-dimensional cooling channels, fundamentally changing how molds for plastic products are created. The OPM Series lineup has been expanded by adding model OPM350L to the previously available OPM250L model. OPM350L supports larger milling sizes, and has been designed for faster milling. The OPM Series is creating a new era in the manufacture of molds for plastic products. The benefits of the OPM Series include maximizing the capabilities of molds with built-in three-dimensional cooling channels, improving productivity for molded products designed for small-lot/high-variety production molding, shortening lead times, and greatly reducing costs.