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  • Two banks of Discharge/cutting parameters which can be stored for future use.

  • Discharge parameters can be adjusted to fine tune cutting parameters to improve surface quality.

  • EDP function, which permits a point sparking or surface sparking to verify position without drilling through work piece.

  • A display mode which allows the digital input of various parameters including electrode wear, depth setting etc.

  • Automatic and manual surface touch off to determine surface location

  • Automatic and manual surface touch electrode compensating function

  • Metric/inch conversion

  • 2 axis DRO

  • 25 amp discharge generator




Table travel (X,Y axes)----------300 x 200 mm

Work table ----------350 x 250 mm

Z axis ---------- 350 mm

W axis ---------- 200 mm

Max. work-piece ---------- 180 mm

Max. work-piece ---------- 150 kgs

Max. average machining current---------- 25 Amps

Power ---------- 210-Vac/3p +/- 5%

Power capacity---------- 3.8 KVA

Electrode diameter---------- 0.2 ~ 3.0-mm

Machine net weight---------- 600 kgs

Depth / Width / Height---------- 1100 x 1100 x 2000 mm




The RIVER 3 EDM drill machine is equipped to receive 3 phase, 208 volts AC. If the customer does not have this entry, a step down transformer will be required.


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