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Mitsubishi CNC & Robot News

Updated: Mar 24, 2021


Direct Robot Control

Learn more about DRC function on our YouTube channel.Let’s face it, labor costs are rising, skilled help is becoming harder to find, and no one wants to work the dreaded third shift. Automation isn’t coming, it isn’t even the new topic; it is the old topic that has been talked about for years now. Of course, at the forefront of automation are robots. We have all heard the benefits of running a robot; they don’t take breaks or vacation; they work 24/7; they don’t collect a salary; and the list goes on, but what about the down side to running a robot? How do I integrate it? How do I program it? What happens when I change jobs? These are all of the concerns that are addressed with Mitsubishi’s Direct Robot Control function or DRC. To address these problems we first made the connection simple. Using a standard network cable, the CNC and Robot are easily connected via their already existing network (Ethernet) ports. Next, we made it simple to understand, dedicated robot screens to move and run the robot right from the CNC, no need to use a separate robot operation panel. Lastly, we developed a simple G-Code based programming system, where programs can be created, stored, and run from the CNC’s memory. No need to learn another complicated programming system on a completely different operation panel. Everything you need is located in one place right where you need it, on the CNC screen. Because the coding is easy to understand and program, changing jobs is a breeze. Since the programs are stored in the CNC memory it will be just as easy to pull up and run a job that was run in the

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