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Sodick K1C machines can accommodate tubular electrodes ranging in size from .008" to .236" in diameter for high speed drilling. The versatility of these machines is demonstrated by their ability not only to perform preliminary processing for wire-cut machining and jig grinding, but also to carry out a wide variety of hole cutting tasks for the manufacturing of parts.

Standard K1C utilizes an X, Y axis cross table with a Digital Readout for position. Linear scale resolution of this DRO is .0002”. Z axis is controlled by the power supply automatically while cutting. The Z axis machining depth can be set by manual adjustment.

A. Machine Tool

B. The built-in dielectric reservoir and filtering system

C. Built-in power supply

  • Table Size (W XD) ---------------------------------9.8" X 13.8"(250mm x 350mm)

  • X Travel (Manual) ---------------------------------7.9" (200mm)

  • Y Travel (Manual) ---------------------------------11.9"(300mm)

  • W Axis (Vertical Travel) ---------------------------- 9.1" (230mm)

  • Z Axis Travel ------------------------------------ 11.81" (300mm)

  • Maximum Work piece Weight -----------------------220 lbs (100kg)

  • Maximum Work piece Dimension (W X D X H) ---------- 9.8" X 13.8" X 9.4"

  • Height of 13.600” with option #7.8 -------------------(250mm x 350mm x 240mm)

  • Electrode Diameter Range -------------------------- 0.008"~.236"

  • *Larger than .118” (3.0mm) requires option #7.3 -------(.2mm~6.0mm)

  • Maximum Distance from Worktable to Guide ---------- 9.600” (245mm)

  • External Dimension (W X D X H) --------------------- 33.9" X 32.7" X 78.3"(860mmx830mmx11990mm)

  • Area Required (W X D) ----------------------------- 57.5" X 64.2"(1,460mm x 1,630mm)

  • Machine Weight -----------------------------------1,100 lbs (500 kg)

  • Power Consumption ------------------------------- 3.3 KVA


  • Fluid Capacity ------------------------------------ 5.3 gal (20L)

  • Fluid Type --------------------------------------- Vitol-KS

  • Dielectric Reservoir --------------------------------Built-In

  • Filtering System -----------------------------------Replaceable foam rubber filter



Voltage Requirements -------------------------------- 3 Phase, 200V/220Vac 60 Hz

  • Pulse Generating Method --------------------------- Power FET (Field Effect Transistor)

  • Maximum Machining Current ----------------------- 30 Amp

  • Machining Current Selection ------------------------ 15 Steps

  • Pulse Width Selection ------------------------------ On/Off each 15 steps



The K1CS makes it possible to manufacture holes with a far higher length/ diameter ratio than had been feasible at ultra-high speeds. This may be applied to a wide range of materials including hardened steels and tungsten carbide alloys, etc. Because machining is performed using non-combustible dielectric, there is absolutely no fear of a fire resulting from arcing in the dielectric.

The power supply, pump, and tank are neatly arranged in a box shaped carriage with casters, which can be easily installed and operated resulting in efficient use of floor space in the customer's facility.

As opposed to the conventional immersion machining method, the K1CS employs a flushing method through the electrode. Consequently, there is no machining tank that surrounds the work area which allows less restriction on the size of the workpiece.


Power input must be 3 phase, 200V/220V AC 60 Hz and fluctuation tolerance of ±5%



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